Asthma Foundation NSW
Includes Asthma Friendly Children’s Services program and related resources

South East Health
NSW Government South East Sydney Area Health Service - SESAHS - public health services. includes Hospitals,Community-based services, Mental Health Unit, Public Health Unit,Health Promotion Service, Drug & Alcohol Services,Nursing & Community Development, Clinical Services, Policy and Planning, Material Resources, Information Services

Diabetes NSW
Includes kids and teens with Diabetes website and info for their parents

Learning Disabilities
LD Online
Learning disabilities and ADHD information. Accurate and up-to-date information: What is a learning disability? Common signs of learning disabilities, How to respond, Get help early and Parent tips.

Indiana Resource Center for Autism
IRCA has many helpful articles for parents,a list of recent and current IRCA research and evaluation projects,videos to view and articles by Temple Grandin

University of Virginia - Curry School of Education
Summaries of research articles about teaching techniques for exceptional learners including intervention strategies, behavioual problems and learning skills.

Positive News Sites
Kids News Networks
News for kids from around the world.

Good News Network
Positive news from around the world, all in the one place whenever you want it.

Early childhood Sites
Early Childhood
Ideas for parents, carers and early childhood educators - activities, craft and recommended books as well as articles and quality links all about the 0 to 5 year old age group.

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